#TellAllTuesday-Rock Sculptors

It has been awhile since I posted our #TellAllTuesday blog, which is a fancy way of calling it show-and-tell for all things rock- and gem-related.  We didn't have a whole lot to share this year from our actual rock hounding excursions.  It's not uncommon to go long stretches without finding anything worthy of posting, so I'm happy to take this time to do my own virtual rock hounding on the Internet and on Etsy.  And, I'm quite tickled to share with you the talented artisans that I come across, especially when they're using stones or gemstones!

Today, I'm sharing some incredibly beautiful stone sculptures made by a self-taught sculptor, R. Farabee from Madera, California.  He uses mostly alabaster but I also see some gorgeous flourite pieces in his work.

Not only do I love the colors of the stone, but I love how his designs have such a beautiful, fluid, free-flowing movement.  I find them quite pleasing and calming to the senses and I can only imagine the patience and vision it takes to create these wonders.

R. Farabee has a shop on Etsy, called TwistedInStone.  Pay him a visit and be sure to check out his About page, where he shares photos of the process of starting out with a slab of rock and getting to the incredible finished pieces.

Thanks for joining us for #TellAllTuesday!

Rock On!


Welcome back to #TellAllTuesday, where we feature all things rock- and gem-related. Even though we've shared some of our own recent rock hunting excursions with you, I thought it would be more fun to feature someone else. Besides, you can only look at our mud-covered crystals for so long, right?

In my virtual rock hunting this week, I came across PoemStones on Etsy. These simple yet nicely carved stones make a great addition to the garden. They add a nice whimsical or inspirational flare to any yard.

Barbara Yvonne operates out of East Concord, New York, and will even carve a personalized pet memorial for you.

And, If you're struggling to find the gift for the couple that has everything, look no further because PoemStones has it...a His and Hers set!

I love these creative stones! PoemStones can be found on Etsy here, and on Facebook here

Do you have any special garden rocks you'd like to share with us? Feel free to show and tell us about it on our social media pages (links below).

And, as always, Rock On!

#TellAllTuesday-Ceramic Stone Art

Welcome back to #TellAllTuesday! The busy days of summer and our own rock hunting excursions have made it challenging to keep up with the weekly posts.  Since we don't have any topaz to show you from our most recent rock hunting trip, I decided it was time to show off someone else's rock/gem-related art.

Thus, I was enticed by the art work of PietraStoneArt, out of Snohomish, Washington. Marzena Pietra pours her heart and soul into her pieces.  She incorporates beautiful gemstones, along with carving, shaping and casting to create a symbolic story. The beautiful piece below has lapis lazuli, agates and jasper, among other stones.

Marzena finds her passion through nature and, living in the Pacific Northwest, I'm sure there is an abundance of beautiful scenery.  When I look at her work, I can appreciate the meaning and detail with each piece being its own little journey to create.

PietraStoneArt can be found on Etsy here and on Facebook here. I believe Marzena might also be on Pinterest but I couldn't locate her page there.  Check out her inspiring pieces in her shop and give her a Like on Facebook.

If you have something unique that you do with stones, share it with us on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages (links are below).  We enjoy and appreciate other people's artistic outlets.

Thanks for joining us and, as alway, Rock On!

#TellAllTuesday-Rock Art

Welcome to #TellAllTuesday, where we share all things rock-and-gem related.  Since we don't have any crystals or rocks to share from our own rock-hunting adventures of late, I returned to my virtual hunting on the Internet and landed upon some whimsical stone art. 

I love the simplicity of the stone art work created by Angie Bisset of SticksnStone (or Sticks and Stones Gallery), out of Nanaimo, BC, Canada. Using shadow boxes, stones and other items from nature, Angie creates meaningful pictures.

What fun it must be to spend time in nature finding these simple stones that make up her attractive art pieces. These would make great gifts that can be personalized for the recipient...the wedding couple, the new baby, or simple decor for your home, like the following items that brought a smile to my face. How playful these pieces are!

Angie has a shop on Etsy, which can be found here. She also has a website, called SticksanStonesGallery.com. Follow her on Facebook and check out her Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Is there something unique that you create with stones? Please share it with us on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest sites. We'd love to hear from you!

Rock on! 

#TellAllTuesday-Gemstone Sculptors

It's time again for #TellAllTuesday and between Jim catching a sinus bug and participating in the Denver Urban Market this past Saturday, I'm sorry to say that we weren't able to do any rock hunting.  However, I am excited to tell you about art work that combines metal, wire, agates and gemstones into beautiful sculptures using the Tree of Life as a theme.  I'm also tickled to say that these artists reside in our home state of Colorado!

Before I tell you about my Internet rock hunting find, I decided to explore some meanings for the Tree of Life.  It is often used as a synonym for Sacred Tree and it's a symbol for connecting all forms of creation, the 'interconnection of all life on our planet...' as Wikipedia states.

I'm impressed with how Linda, from CrowsFeathers, brings life to her wire sculpted trees.  They remind me of some of the old cottonwood trees that have been around for over 100 years, revealing their strength and wisdom in their large trunks and knarly branches that go in multiple directions as they move gracefully in the wind.

Turning some of her sculptures into lamps adds a whole other dimension to these alluring pieces.  Not only does the light illuminate the gemstones, agates and crystals, showing off their beauty, but it also adds depth to the strength and form of her sculpted trees.

Linda and Brigitte are the team that makes up Crows Feathers, LLC and you can check out their website here to learn more about them and what's behind the company name. They also have a shop on Etsy.  Give them a Like on Facebook (if my Facebook link doesn't work, search on Facebook for CrowsFeathers LLC) and visit them on Pinterest.

Thanks again for joining us for #TellAllTuesday.  Do you have any special rocks you'd like to share with us? If so, feel free to post photos and tell us about them on our Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter pages.

Rock on!

#TellAllTuesday-Mosaic Stones

 Hello and thanks for joining us for #TellAllTuesday. It's that fun time of year when the grass is green, the trees have leafed out and the flowers and colorful plants are showing their beauty. In our virtual rock hunting on the Internet, we came across some stones that will add fun and even more color to your yard.

Hipp Mosaics, out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, creates beautiful stained glass stepping stones that would add another dimension of creativity to your environment.

Color is certainly something that catches my eye, as you can tell from our jewelry, and these stones have a beautiful mix of color and detail that is quite appealing to the eye.  I can just imagine a stone path to your garden, intermixed with these gems!

If stepping stones aren't your thing, Hipp Mosaics also makes tables and you can see the beautiful selection in the shop on Etsy or follow on Facebook.

Hopefully we'll have some gems to share with you from rock hunting in Colorado soon. Our busy schedule is keeping us from getting out there at the moment but we're itching to go again.  If you have any special finds that you'd like to share with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we'd love to hear from you.

We'll be at the Denver Urban Market this Saturday.  Details can be found in Upcoming Fairs/Events.  Stop by our booth and introduce yourself.

Thanks for joining us! Rock on!

#TellAllTuesday-Rock Birdhouses

It's time for #TellAllTuesday, where we share all things rock- or gem-related.  We wanted to share some cool finds from our recent rock hunting.  In fact, based on the sore muscles in the body from all the digging, it would have been nice to have more to show for it, but it wasn't our day to find much but we did get a few odds and ends. 

So, I returned to my virtual rock hounding on the Internet and found some beautiful bird houses made with rock, agate, gems and other natural objects.  At Winestone Birdhouses, Layla Coats incorporates her artistic flare with items found in nature, and wine bottle corks, to create these beautiful homes for birds.

Living in Bend, Oregon, and traveling to other locations, I would imagine that Layla has plenty of opportunity to gather her stones, sea glass, twigs and other natural objects. I find that listening to birds, especially in their natural environment, is quite enjoyable.  Watching the birds make a home out of one of these colorful, artistic birdhouses would be a real treat! They are gorgeous!

Layla's Winestone Birdhouses shop can be found here on Etsy.  You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter,  and Pinterest.

What special things do you do with rocks or gems? Please share with us on our  Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages. Do you have a favorite rock or gemstone? Do tell!

And, as always, Rock On!

#TellAllTuesday-Stone Art

Welcome back to #TellAllTuesday, where we share all things rock or gem-related.  With this week's virtual rock hunting trip across the Internet, I landed on something that left me in awe. Now, you know that we (Rock2Gems) love to make jewelry out of the colorful and unique stones that we obtain, many of which are personally found by us on our rock hunting trips. After all, rocks are natural and it's fun to wear them in jewelry. This stone art is of a much grander scale!

After seeing the amazing stone art work created by Ancient Art of Stone, I was speechless. Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl live on Vancouver Island, in Canada. They are both artists and find their inspiration in nature. This phenomenal art work is a collaborative effort between the two of them and the amazing energy and awareness that they bring to these pieces is something that I can only imagine but would love to experience first hand some day.

Wouldn't you feel inspired to live in a home that had a wall like this?

Or to have the front entry way of your home be as spectacular as the one below?


I invite you to check out their website:  www.ancientartofstone.com and watch the media clip, found in About Us. It's pretty remarkable! In addition to these larger-than-life creations, they also sell prints of some of their pieces.  Ancient Art of Stone can also be found on Facebook here and Pinterest here.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go sit in a quiet place and imagine what it would be like to live in a home made of their creations, inside and out.

Don't forget to share with us some of the fun things you do with rocks or gems.  We'd love to hear about it on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.

And, as always, Rock On!

#TellAllTuesday-Aboriginal Stone Art

In this week's virtual rock hunt for rock or gem-related treasures, we decided to branch outside the United States and happened upon some lovely aboriginal artwork on stones by RaechelSaunders.etsy.com.

As with our previous artistic finds, I was drawn in by the colors in addition to the enticing aboriginal patterns. Raechel, who lives in Tinonee, NSW, Australia, gets her inspiration from her father who is also an artist.


I love the following water design with pretty shades of blue. Just the thought of water, while looking at the cool colors, stirs up a comforting image and soothing feeling.


If you're not into artistic stones, Raechel also does clay sculptures and various paintings. And, you've got to check out her cute geckos. (Did I mention that I have a thing for lizards?!? How adorable these are!!)  I wanted to check out her father's handmade boomerangs but at the time of this writing, he was on vacation.  I'll have to check out Russell Saunders' Etsy shop when he returns but you can find it here.


Raechel has a shop on Etsy: RaechelSaunders.etsy.com and can also be found on Facebook here

Check back on our blog later this week.  In spite of all the recent rain/snow here in Colorado, we hope to sneak in another local rock hunting excursion before the next round of rain storms hit.

Do you create artistic things with rocks or stones? We welcome your sharing it with us on our Facebook and/or Instagram pages.  After all, that's what #TellAllTuesday is about...show and tell.  Now it's your turn.

Rock on!

PS - Don't forget that we're also on Pinterest and we recently joined Twitter.

#TellAllTuesday-Wall Art/Garden Decor

Welcome to our 5th #TellAllTuesday where we share all things rocks and gems and this week's find is truly a gem.  Innovative Stone Art caught my eye with the intricate wall art and garden decor.

When I checked out Mino Re's About page on Etsy, I was tickled by his words, "Carving keeps me out of trouble..." Jim and I often joke about that with our rock hunting and jewelry-making. It does keep us out of trouble...most of he time.

At Innovative Stone Art, Mino hand carves his designs which are inspred by Celtic knots, mathematical fractals, paisleys, and steampunk. Using hand tools and lots of time, he devotes himself to each piece. I love the detail in his work as well as the colors.

Innovate Stone Art can be found on Etsy and Facebook. Check out his beautiful work!

Is there a special wall decor or garden rock that you have? Share it with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.  We'd love to hear from you!

#TellAllTuesday-Aquarium Art



I have thoroughly enjoyed my virtual rock hunting excursions the past few weeks. Personally, it has been lots of fun to peruse the Internet and Etsy and see  the creativity of other artisans.  Of course, it has also been fun to share my finds with you!  Hopefully you are enjoying it and, perhaps, finding some great gift-giving or personal shopping ideas.

I am equally excited to share this week's find and I trust that you fish owners out there will agree with me when I say that artforaquariums has some wonderful products!  Jerry uses actual gemstones to create beautiful abstract forms for use in aquariums.

Jerry was inspired to create these aquarium pieces when he inherited a beta fish but was not impressed with the lack of "glamorous" accessories available. So he went to work creating his own.  He researched the materials that would be safe for beta and other freshwater fish and he also tests each piece on his own fish before he ships the item to his customer.

I am not only impressed with his underwater art sculptures but also his conscientiousness with creating products that are safe.

Even if you don't have fish, I could see one of these beautiful gemstone art pieces sitting in a sunny window, reflecting their gorgeous colors.  Jerry's Etsy shop can be found here.  He can also be found on Facebook here and his website is artforaquariums.com

Thanks for checking out our #TellAllTuesday.  Is there something special that you do with rocks or gemstones? Please tell us about it on our Facebook and/or Instagram pages.  We'd love to know and as always....Rock on!

#TellAllTuesday-Stone Art from Cape Cod

Welcome back to #TellAllTuesday, where we share our virtual (Internet) rock hounding experiences!  Remember, #TellAllTuesday is our sassy term for 'Show and Tell' which, as I've said before, implies that we really want you to share with us as well.  Really!  We mean it!  Feel free to share something on our Facebook and/or Instagram pages related to you and rocks or gems.  It could be a favorite rock you picked up on the beach on your special vacation.  It could be a piece of jewelry that was given to you with a special rock or gemstone in it.  It could be the worry-stone you carry in your pocket because it fits your thumb perfectly! We enjoy hearing about your favorite rocks or rock hunting stories!

The one thing that I'm drawn to in the rocks that Jim and I find are the colors and designs that are inherent in the stones.  When they're cut and polished, it brings out some incredible intricacies that I find amazing.  Color has always been something that catches my eye in any setting and color definitely caught my eye when I found LoveFromCapeCod on Etsy!  Sandi Pike Foundas collects lovely sea stones and adds a beautiful artistic flare to each one. Look at the bright, cheerful colors in these hearts! Her designs strike me as creative, full of life, and playful.

Imagine the tranquility of walking along the Cape Cod shoreline in autumn or winter, imbibing in the freshness of the ocean air, and collecting sea stones. I can just sense the great vibes that Sandi adds by personally selecting these stones and carrying them home for the next step. Then, knowing that she lets her inner creativity direct her designs, sometimes adding inviting words like Relax or Breathe, continues to add to the good juju in these artistic stones.

In addition to her shop on Etsy, LoveFromCapeCod can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.  I invite you to pay her a visit and take in the beauty of her creations!

As always...Rock on!


#TellAllTuesday-Minerals or Soap?

Thanks for stopping by to share in our #TellAllTuesday!

Like we said before, we love all things rocks and minerals and enjoy hunting for them as well! So, it's time to share the results of this week's virtual (Internet) rock hunting excursion. Remember, #TellAllTuesday is our version of show and tell.  We'd love for you to join in and share something that you enjoy/have/love/do related to rocks and/or minerals on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We love photos, too.

This week's find might require the rock hounders and prospectors out there to think outside the hole and it will help you 'clean up' your act.  Maybe these aren't actual rocks or minerals but they are true to theme.  

Rock Hound Soap creates...yes, soap...but in the shape and color of crystal clusters or chunks of rock!  The first time I saw one of the crystal clusters, I thought it looked like a beautiful mineral specimen. I mean, really, doesn't this look like an amazing cluster of amethyst crystals?!?  I'd be thrilled if I found something like this in nature!

They are almost too pretty to use as soap but, you have to admit, it would put the fun into taking a shower or bath whether you're an adult or a child.  If the crystals look a little rough around the edges, then what about a gorgeous smooth chunk of turquoise.

Or a pretty chunk of tiger eye soap.

If Jen's handcrafted nature-inspired soaps don't grab your attention, check out her Candlelit Desserts. Everyone loves dessert and these are calorie-free so indulge to your heart's content!  Besides her two Etsy shops, you can also join in Jen's fun on her Facebook pages here: Rock Hound Soap and Candlelit Desserts or Instagram here: CandlelitDesserts.

Thanks for joining us and now it's your turn. Share with us what you love related to rocks/minerals on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Rock on!


#TellAllTuesday-Painted Rocks

Welcome to our first #TellAllTuesday!

We love rocks and minerals and we always say that hunting for them is half the fun (albeit hard work at times).  When we vend at fairs, we enjoy visiting with other rock lovers, hearing their stories and learning about the creative things they do with their rocks and minerals. So I decided to combine these two aspects in #TellAllTuesday (a catchy phrase for Show and Tell), which also implies that we’re secretly hoping you’ll share your favorite rocks or minerals with us and what fun things you do with them on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thinking back to my childhood show-and-tell days (I’m old enough to know that I don’t have to tell you when that was), I recall that it was important to keep it a secret until actual show and tell time.  Therefore, the talented people that are featured in #TellAllTuesday will be as surprised as you to learn that their wonderful work is the topic of this Tuesday blog…so I’ll get right to it.

My virtual hunt for all things rocks and minerals quickly landed me on PaintedRocksbyShelli.  Besides her talent with painting, I was tickled to see that Shelli Carriveau Bowler is local (to us in Colorado). Based out of Westminster, Shelli has a shop on Etsy where she features her wonderful animal paintings on naturally weathered Colorado river rocks.

Not only does Shelli paint realistic wildlife on these stones, she also does custom pet portraits. She gives the term 'pet rock' a whole new meaning.  So you pet AND rocks lovers, you’re sure to find something you like in her shop!

The first time I saw Shelli's profile photo, I thought she was holding an actual cat and wondered how she got the cat to curl up like that in her arms. Talk about adorable!

The first time I saw Shelli's profile photo, I thought she was holding an actual cat and wondered how she got the cat to curl up like that in her arms. Talk about adorable!

Thanks for joining us for #TellAllTuesday and now…do tell! What rocks or minerals are special to you? Please show or tell us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Rock on!