#TellAllTuesday-Synthetic Sapphires

Are diamonds really a girl's best friend?  I, for one, have never been interested in diamonds and I've encountered numerous other women who would prefer other gemstones for their color and characteristics, over diamonds.

I admit, diamonds sparkle and flash.  I'm sure you've heard the phrase that "diamonds are forever," which implies that love or romanticism and a lasting relationship go hand-in-hand with diamonds.  And, diamonds being a necessity in engagement rings has been a very well crafted creation.

This #TellAllTuesday is not about discouraging you from wanting or wearing diamonds...to each his own.  It's also not about bashing De Beers or their business practices, although the more I read the less respect I have for their methods.  If you're interested in learning more about their company and story, you can read some of it on Wikipedia, Business Insider, or read about 'The Engagement Ring Story' here.

For me personally, there are so many other gemstones that I appreciate and prefer, regardless of whether they are synthetic or dug from the earth.  Take sapphires, for example.  There are a variety of colors and types, whether natural or synthetic.

I've met people who only want 'natural' sapphires dug straight from the ground and that's fine, if you have the money to buy them and don't mind the cloudy inclusions so common in sapphires.  In fact, I'm fairly certain that very few sapphires are untreated. 'Un-heated natural stones are somewhat rare and will often be sold accompanied by a certificate from an independent gemological laboratory attesting to "no evidence of heat treatment".' Most sapphires undergo heat treatment to enhance their color and remove visible inclusions.

According to the information found on Wikipedia, "Artificial sapphire material is identical to natural sapphire, except it can be made without the flaws that are found in natural stones." And, in my view, it offers an affordable means to owning a beautiful and perfect gemstone!  You can be sure that in our shop, in the jewelry descriptions, we specify if a gemstone is synthetic and when we do get around to including some of our natural sapphires that have been personally obtained by us, straight from the mines or straight from mother earth, we'll let you know.  I have encountered jewelers that don't mention those details but it's worth asking because why pay the high price for a synthetic stone if you don't have to?  If you wish to read more about sapphires, you can find some basic information here.

Do you own a sapphire?  We'd love to see it whether it is cut or uncut.  Feel free to share a photo of it on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.

Thanks for joining us this week and...rock on!